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My favourite Clock Day submission!!!!

Dude this is so original and rocks so much. I'm adding it to my favourites... BTW it's hard to take time to watch all these submissions, but this one caught my eye with that funny looking puppet from SAW.

Actually I can't pass this...

Please don't encourage upping the file size. I appreciate the shitty flashes that are smaller. If you want music, then compress the audio, don't make us wait just for the sake of waiting to vote on it. That just pisses me off. I submitted two flashes today, both very crappy movies, but they're both under 200kb and simple to download. They passed anyway.

Zephyrlot responds:

u gave a 0 on evrything lolz

Reminds me when I went to the U.S.

and then ordered coffee for the first time there. It was frustrating that they acted like nobody orders a normal coffee these days anymore. This is why Tim Hortons rules for coffee. Just say to them that you want a "Large double-double" and I have a large coffee in your hand with two cream and two sugar within a minute. No grande, no asking what flavour you want and no other bullshit... just coffee flavoured coffee, that's it.

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Doesn't make any sense

How can you count the number of pedals?

Also WTF does the dice have to do with anything?

LAUBO responds:

It's a riddle, i took me a couple of weeks to find it out. I cant give you the answer, it would ruin it.

I failed really bad

I said I'd hit them all! Damn I'm a fucking GD pervert. Oh well, can't arrest me for my naughty thoughts... one other thing... if I ever find myself in a dark room where only I can see the girl's body, please don't blame me for having pedophilic relations with those girls.

No really though, why the fuck do they doll up all these underage girls these days for fuck sakes? Then expect us older guys to know how old they are just by looking. Well let me tell you, I've seen girls who look 15 who are really 18 and vice versa. So stop the fucking nonescense, if you don't want us to be mistaken, then stop dressing so fucking sexy.

How did you get all their bra sizes?

I'd really like to know. Good stuff BTW, I just didn't do a good job on the test. We should have at least got a look at their breasts, even then it's hard to guess bra size.

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